BikerBuddy Connects Riders To YOUR Flat-Rate Lodging

List your home, room, camper, or open land for tent space on the free BikerBuddy app and gain access to a fast-growing community of riders looking for bike-friendly accommodations.

Hosting is EASY!

Here’s how it works

1. List your space for free
2. Add pics and motorcycle-friendly amenities
3. Set the availability of your space
4. Start earning!

Support The Community And Earn

Whether you provide camping space for a group of riders or you host a couple on their first motorcycle adventure you will become a staple in a community actively looking for bike-friendly lodging and hosts who “get it.”

A quick tip on where to ride of where to eat could turn an average trip into an amazing adventure. Which is why riders are choosing to book their next adventure through BikerBuddy.

Stand Out As A Rider-Friendly Host

List Motorcycle Specific Amenities And Become The Preferred Choice

When you host with BikerBuddy you can list amenities that attract riders (and increase bookings). For example, if you have a safe place to work on a bike (with basic tools available), accept parts shipments (so a spare set of tires and oil for an oil change could be waiting for your guests when they arrive), or laundry facilities and a clean shower, put it in your listing and standout.

Why Riders Choose BikerBuddy Hosts

They want an alternative to over-priced hotels or uncomfortable campgrounds.
They want a safe place to pitch a tent (or book a whole house) with the amenities they need.
They want to connect with hosts who know the area so they can get recommendations that ensure their next trip is the best you ever had.

Listing on BikerBuddy is completely free. The rider is charged a small booking fee at the time of reservation, so you always keep 100% of your rate.

  • Download the BikerBuddy app (it’s free)
  • Open the app and select FIND PLACES NEAR ME
  • Select HOST
  • Select ADD LISTING
  • Fill in site details
  • Setup Payout Method to complete the listing
  • If the sites are the same you can complete the set up in just one step! Just select the number of sites you have in the listing details.
  • If the sites are different – either by the type of site, number of riders you can host, or dates available – you will need to set up a new listing for each site.

Our goal is to keep rates low while riders are on the road so we have set site specific flat rates:

  • Campsite: $20 per night
  • Camper: $30 per night
  • Room: $40 per night
  • House: $100 per night

As a host you keep 100% of the site fee!

The transaction will be processed for payment at the time the reservation is made. The payment to the host will settle on the final date of the reservation.

We understand things change! Riders must cancel their reservation 48 hours prior to the reservation date. If cancellations occur within 48 hours of the reservation date riders will be charged the site and service fee.